Dedicated to Zeos

Published March 27, 2012 by makhijamax

March 27th.

We got a Labrador Retriver on March 25th at 10000 rupees. We fell in love with it. Till we went to the Vet.

The Vet pointed out that : The dog had a problem of Overbite.

This we found out was not curable as it comes due to wrong breeding and we found ourselves, unable to help the dog.

The Guy we purchased the Dog, came to give us the reciept and collect the balance and to give us the certificate.

When we told him of the problem, he agreed that he will give the money back and he said he had not checked the dog.

He claimed to be a ANIMAL LOVER ! Crap ! *He was making 6000 and he was giving  the breeder 4000. ( A breeder at this rate- cannot be feeding his dogs properly for 3 months ).

*He said when he purchased his own dog, he went far and checked the photos of the parents etc… and got the lineage right and than he checked the certificates as false certificates are common.He said there is no law in India on Breeding etc…99% of breeders are only in the business for money. They keep their dogs in cages at all times. Mostly the dogs are underfed.

*According to him, only 2 breeders are good : one in south india and one in Mumbai ( but the dogs come above 30000 per dog).

So, our request to you is:  Please buy dogs from good breeders, check dogs for hereditary problems and see that you do not take home one, without proper checks from the vet etc… take advice…do not let yourself be HEART BROKEN !


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